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Status DM3420 S2 Panel Meter DC Powered

The Status DM3420 S2 is a DC Powered Panel Mount Digital Indicator designed to accept current and voltage process inputs. Engineering units are displayed on a high efficiency Red LED display that provides excellent readability.

The DM3420 also has a transmitter power supply built in for excitation of 2 wire (4 to 20) mA process transmitters. The highly innovative case design enables output option 'Pods" to be easily installed without the need for dismantling or recalibration.

Plug and Play" Pods are available covering:
POD-02 2 x Relay outputs
POD-03 Active or Passive Isolated re-transmission ((0 to 10) mA, (0 to 20) mA, (4 to 20) mA)

A maximum of 2 POD outputs can be fitted to each indicator. The indicator provides a transmitter power supply on the output to excite the POD-03 current retransmission.

Output combinations are
Dual Relay Pod and Retransmission Pod
Dual Relay Pod and Dual Relay Pod
Dual Relay Pod
Retransmission Pod

The front panel is sealed to IP65 and the case has a moulded in rubber gasket enabling it to seal to the panel maintaining the IP65 rating, ideal for installing it in 'dusty" areas or where low pressure jets of water are used to clean down equipment. The unit is programmed using the three push buttons on the front panel where the user is guided through the configuration process.
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