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Status DM3430 S1 Panel Meter AC Powered

The DM3430/S1 is an AC Powered true RMS current and voltage panel meter suitable for measuring AC or DC signals. It has a four digit high intensity LED display that can be set to show a fixed number of decimal places with 'auto-rounding" to always show the maximum resolution.

It is highly accurate and designed to measure AC or DC voltages up to 550 Volts or currents up to 6 Amps. Readings can be displayed as current or voltage or, alternatively, the reading can be easily scaled from the front panel to take into account a multiplier from a transformed input or to display directly in engineering values.

The 3.5KV isolation gives added protection when the instrument is used to measure high voltages. This is particularly important when measuring current, in that the instrument can be mounted anywhere in the measuring circuit and remains unaffected by any standing voltage.

The DM3430 has a number of special software features including Peak and Valley memory (Storing Maximum and Minimum readings) and an Alarm Inhibit that disables the alarm function for a programmable period after start up. It is available with a choice of power supplies, S1 for (90 to 253) VAC, and S2 for (20 to 35) VDC. Output functions including Relay, (4 to 20) mA re -transmission or Modbus RS485 serial communications. Options are all available and easily installed without dismantling the case thanks to the unique 'plug and play" option pod design.

All programming is done via a simple to use menu accessible from the instrument front panel or via the RS485 Modbus RTU serial communications option.

A maximum of 2 POD outputs can be fitted to each indicator. The indicator provides a transmitter power supply on the output to excite the POD-03 current retransmission.

Output combinations are
Dual Relay Pod and Retransmission Pod
Dual Relay Pod and Dual Relay Pod
Dual Relay Pod
Retransmission Pod

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