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Status POD-3000-03 Retransmission

The Status POD-3000-03 provides an optional active or passive current retransmission signal for our panel meter range. The POD simply plugs into the panel meter housing.
4 to 20mA, 0 to 20mA, or 0 to 10mA active or passive current retransmission signals can be programmed from the panel meter's front panel buttons or by RS485 comms where fitted.

Simple plug in pre-calibrated units, no dismantling or re- calibration.


Ranges (0 to 10) mA (Active or Passive)
(0 to 20) mA (Active or Passive)
(4 to 20) mA (Active or Passive)
Minimum Current Output 0 mA
Maximum Current Output 23 mA
Accuracy 0.07 % F.S.
Max. Output Load Active 1 KΩ
Passive [(Vsupply-2)/22] KΩ
Max. External Supply Voltage 30 V (Passive mode)
Voltage Effect 0.2 μA/ V
Ripple Current < 3 μA
Breakdown Isolation 500 VAC
Stability 1 μA/ C
Termination Screw terminals

A maximum of 2 POD outputs can be fitted to each indicator. The indicator provides a transmitter power supply on the output to excite the POD-03 current retransmission.

Output combinations are
Dual Relay Pod and Retransmission Pod
Dual Relay Pod and Dual Relay Pod
Dual Relay Pod
Retransmission Pod